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Individual Training

Individual basketball training consists of a one hour session with a trainer and the athlete/athletes. Some sessions can be grouped with one or up to 3 athletes depending on their skill levels for the paring. Sessions will be tailored to the specific needs of the athletes, we will work on corrective techniques and drills to enhance the player’s game as well as work on strength, speed, and agility. The small group dynamic provides an atmosphere of competition between the athletes that forces them to push themselves and each other to become better players. At the same time, small groups also allow for training to be specific to the needs of each individual while still maintaining the competitive atmosphere.

Basketball Clinics / Group Training

Group training is done in the form of a Basketball Clinic which consists of 2 hours of drill training and 1 hour of full court games. The clinic provides a great opportunity to monitor basketball players while preforming in a game. The session will have 3 – 4 trainers and 10 – 40 kids (within the same age range).


$40.00 per session

One5 Basketball is now offering a 25% discount on training sessions to parents who can commit to 4 consecutive training sessions in a row. Parents will have to pay for the sessions in full before the 4-week training begins. With the discount, the training price will be $120 instead of the normal $160 for 4 training sessions.

Make-up Training Sessions: If you miss 1 training session during the 4 weeks, you may reschedule that session within the 5th week of your start date. So if you miss 2 or more sessions out of 4, then you will lose out on your payment. NO REFUND!!! Sessions are based on One5 Basketball LLC gym availability. Parents please make sure you check your availability before signing up for this discount program. If you have any questions about the guidelines of this discount program, please ask in person or email/call us.

Training Locations

(An email blast is sent out every week to indicate the training location)
Palm Beach Day Academy / St. Ann’s Catholic School Gym.


I loved the service! Have referred others who have enjoyed your training as well. Keep up the good work.

Jerilyn Corlew

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