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About One5 Basketball

Who are we

One5 Basketball is a training company serving the Palm Beach area that is dedicated to help children enhance their overall basketball skills and understanding of how to play the game.

One5 was founded by James Mereus in 2007. He started training professional athletes that were playing overseas. Later on, he partnered with Bobby St Preux and Vincent Currie to develop One5.

One5 has become an outlet for them to pass their knowledge to young players who seek to improve their game, learn how to set goals, and achieve them.

One5 camps are structured to give each player a challenging selection of drills and habit-building exercises that will improve their “complete” game. Camp will include shooting the ball properly from various positions on the court, ball handling and dribbling skills, passing, defending on the perimeter and in the post, the pick and roll game and rebounding.

One5 will have advanced stations that cater to a more experienced player. Players will be selected to join in these more advanced drills.

One5 is ONLY for serious basketball players.

What we do

One5 offers high intensity training to individuals and groups. One5 works with kids from all ages to help them improve:

  Technique shooting
  Hand-eye coordination
  Footwork and Agility
  Passing and Dribbling Drills
  Offensive work
  Defensive work

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the love for basketball by teaching the fundamentals of the game to players of all ages in a safe environment. Sharing our personal experience with young athletes to help them improve their skills to a higher level is our core value.

We have learned that basketball provides greater opportunities in one’s life such as enhancing personal discipline, team work, and self-esteem. Based on this belief we strive to help individuals achieve their maximum potential in the game of basketball.

Our offering would help individuals improve their current set of skills, develop new ones, have a better understanding and maintain the integrity of the game.



      One5 allows basketball players to be more effective within any coaches’ philosophy. Our goal is not to undermine any coach but to allow players to perform at their max.


      One5 builds partnerships with parents in helping them provide discipline and structure to kids by teaching them to set short term goals and applying what they learned to achieve them. One5 provides a safe environment for kids to become more confident by learning new skills and increase their performance.


Best Basketball Training in Palm Beach County (Ages 6-24) If you want to help your child improve their skills or take their game to the next level, this is it! Our son loves it!

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