One5 Basketball is a training company serving the Palm Beach area that is dedicated to help children enhance their overall basketball skills and understanding of how to play the game.

One5 was founded by James Mereus in 2007. He started training professional athletes that were playing overseas. Later on, he partnered with Bobby St Preux and Vincent Currie to develop One5.

One5 has become an outlet for them to pass their knowledge to young players who seek to improve their game, learn how to set goals, and achieve them.


One on One or Group Training are available on the following days every week.

Saturday 8am-12noon @ St. Ann

One Five Basketball does a great job teaching kids how to become better basketball players and more disciplined athletes and people. Their trainers are demanding but fair and friendly. My son trained with them for 3 years and got a great deal out of …

Jordan PaulWellington, Florida

What our clients say about us


James Mereus

I started training kids because it is an avenue that I didn’t have growing up. A lot of fundamental techniques that helps basketball players become better was something that I had to pick up on my own or later in my career. I thought if I can teach the kids the fundamentals of the game while they are young, then that would help them become better basketball players earlier than usual. Teaching kids the fundamentals of the game of basketball makes me feel like I’m making a difference in their confidence and once they have confidence in their ability; it will help them become more successful.